New Group Protests the Bush Wall Street Bailout Plan

(Washington D.C.) Ucs News– A new radical group took to the street in Washington this week to violently protest the governments massive $700 Billion dollar purchase of Wall Streets toxic debt. The group P.E.T.T. (People for the Ethical Treatment of Taxpayers) vows to battle against the waste of Americans hard earned wages.

According to the group’s spokesmen Wit Stillman, “It’s time the American Taxpayer had a voice .” According to StillmanĀ the Bush administration has been pouring taxpayers money down the drain for 8 long years. The cost tax cuts to the wealthy, the Iraq war and out of control discretionary spending is “ruining our middle class.” says the group.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Taxpayers has compiled a list of offenses. The list contains many big ticket items including:

The bail out of Wall street, Tax breaks for oil companies , The Iraq war, The Bridge to nowhere Etc. Etc. Etc.