New Harris WMD Poll: 50% Of Americans Still Stupid.

A new Harris Poll released on July 21st shows that half of all Americans still believe that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction before the wildly successful US led invasion of that country. Surprisingly, this represents a 14% increase of those who believed this nonsense just a year ago. Independent analysts posit that the increase is due to the fact that stupid people hate to be wrong and that they’re just putting off reality as long as possible, hopefully until after the November mid-term elections.

Even United States President George W. Bush has long ago admitted that his reasons for whacking Iraq were spurious in the first place, explaining that God was just messing around with him one night during one of their chats and it sorta got out of hand. However, Conservative talk show hosts like the oxycodone addled Rush Limbaugh and all those other ones whose names are hard to remember continue to swear that there were indeed WMD’s, if not in Iraq, then Iran, or one of them “Ir” or “stan” countries out there and besides, the war supplied some nifty video so it was all worth it.

Perhaps not as surprisingly, the Harris Poll also uncovered some additional beliefs that Americans hold:

48% of all Americans in the South still believe that, with love and understanding, Darkies may come to realize that slavery was actually a good thing and finally apologize for making us White Folks fight the Civil War