New Harry Potter Cover Capitalizes on Recent Publicity

New York, NY (APE) – Publishers for JK Rowling’s popular series of Harry Potter books released the cover art for the highly anticipated seventh and final book in the series today, to the delight of young female fans. The cover art features a slightly titillating portrayal of the young teenage wizard which takes advantage of his real-life counterpart Daniel Radcliffe’s recent role in a controversial nude scene in the play Equus.

Tastefully done, the publishers made no apologies for the shirtless and buffed depiction of Harry.

“We had consulted with the author prior to release of this cover specific for the American market,” stated a spokesperson for US publisher Scholastic Inc. “Lots of girls have grown up with this character, and now seven years later we were afraid that they might have just become too sophisticated for the story. Many of these young girls have abandoned literature for the pursuit of other fan magazines, and we felt that this might be a way to bring them back. Rowling has always been in favor of an accurate and healthy portrayal of youth sexuality, so it wasn’t a hard sell.”

The publishers remained tightlipped in regards to what might be in store for readers by way of plot. The book is scheduled for release this July 21 to the breathless anticipation of Muggles everywhere.