New Law Makes Looking Like Kim Kardashian Illegal

A bill pending before the California legislature will make looking like, acting like or dressing like Kim Kardashian illegal with penalties ranging from a fine of no less than $539.99 for a first offense to six months days in jail for repeated offenses.

The issue was raised when low priced clothing chain Old Navy hired Kardashian lookalike Melissa Molinaro to dance and act “Kardashian-like” in a TV commercial. Old Navy insisted that Molinaro looked sufficiently different from Kardashian to avoid confusion. Also, Molinaro is a fantastic dancer whereas Kardashian is not.

“She looks like me, she dances like me, only better, she even smells like me!” Kardashian insisted.

The new law will still make smelling like Kardashian legal as scent cannot be carried through the airwaves and she is the spokesperson for a line of fragrances.

The proposed law will only apply to Ms. Kardashian. Other celebrities will have to create their own laws.

Molinaro insists she had no idea she was hired for her resemblance to Kardashian and simply asked, “is my ass that fat?”