New Movie Hit: George (Bush) and Dick (Cheney) Go To Jordan

(Washington, D.C.) Was it meant to add eight more Republican years in the White House come November? Or has someone started paying visits to the office of Dr. Jack Daniels again? Whatever the reason, the buzz has been nonstop since web site The Smoking Gun leaked a script that is currently being developed through the White House Press Office.

“George & Dick Go To Jordan” is a fifteen minute comedy that chronicles the adventures of President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, who start out on a trip to “the almost first success” in the War On Terror, Iraq. The film is based on this month’s release “Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay”.

However, in a move that has caused bipartisan surprise, the White House is not denying it. In a rare instance, only surpassed by Hillary Clinton wining a primary, both President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney met with reporters at a press conference and actually took questions.

From script excerpts on The Smoking Gun, the film involves the President and Vice President boarding Air Force One on a trip to Iraq. But due to fog over the Atlantic, they accidentally end up in Jordan. The pair are amazed at the level the Iraqi people have built up the county. The two then decide to do a bit of exploring and cultural diffusion as they try to bring a love of baseball, fast food and outsourcing to people who are generally confused because both Bush and Cheney keep calling them Iraqis.

A question for President was direct, “How could you do something like this?” The President was equally as direct. “Every Christmas, we’d do one of those little Barney cam things and people love that. To me, it’s not a far leap from that to us thinking we’re going to Iraq, ending up in Jordan and having an impact on regional policy while having a little fun, and I want to add sneak in more than a little message.” A follow-up was for the Vice President. “Don’t you think this is in bad taste?” The usually Zen like Cheney showed a bit of ire by adjusting his glasses. “First of all taste, as I understand it, is a subjective thing. You may not like this movie. But others may. Does that make it good or bad? Taste and elections are similar things, who knows about either one.”

An unnamed reporter from “High Times” then shouted, “Rip-off.” After being tasered and removed by the Secret Service, Vice President Cheney answered the charge. “I suppose that now supine young man is referring to the movie, “Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay”. Well, it’s not just a rip-off. It’s a movie. Now, I think I’ve said enough on that.”

President Bush then added one more point. “I want to get back to that taste question. The first “Harold and Kumar” vehicle, I hated it. But then I screened the second one, and I loved it. So do I hate it or love it? I think we can all agree that a complex issue can still be a lot of fun.”

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