New U2 Song Rose is a toilet bowl not good , Says Bono

(Pasadena) Ucs Entertainment News: U2 front man Bono admitted today the bands new single “Rose is a toilet Bowl” is not working out as planned. According the Irish bands recording label “Rose is a toilet bowl” was a sad attempt in influence the bands rating on Google search terms.

Insiders have stated the song Rose in a toilet bowl’s lyrics were purposefully written to meet the search criteria of the popular search web site Google.

The Edge stated the idea for Rose in a toilet bowl came to Bona and himself while they enjoyed a few beers after a show last week. “We came up with the idea as a quick way to boost the bands fortunes, Bono said I’ll write it and you just play along” The song was put together is 2 hours and posted on Itunes.

“It’s the fasted buck we ever made and just proves that now we can do what ever we want and still make money.” and according to Bono. The Rose is a toilet bowl is just the beginning.