New York City Cowards Step Aside – Chillicothe Ohio to host KSM trial and Lead USA War on Terror

(Chillicothe, Ohio) Ucs News: In a stunning turn of events the terror trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will be relocated to the small town of Chillicothe Ohio. Chillicothe Mayor Joseph Sulzer confirmed in a hastily called press conference that his town is “Proud to serve the nations during a time of war.” With US Attorney General Eric Holder at his side Mayor Sulzer stated, “The citizens of Chillicothe are not content to sit back with others make the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. Chillicothe has lost their own in the fight against terror and now we will lead the fight.”

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg admitted that his town was no longer interested in the fight against terror. “We took our lumps and now are are getting back to our New York thing, mainly sucking up bailout dollars and enjoying bank bonuses.”

In a posting on his Face Book page Khalid Sheikh Mohammed admitted that we has looking forward to the clean air and small town surroundings of Chillicothe. “I am sure I will enjoy Chillicothe, I praise Allah that I may not have to hear more of Rudolph Giuliani’s continuous Bloviating.”