New York Governor Demands Spitzer Resignation

(Albany New York) Ucs news : Following the stunning admission that former New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer frequented a prostitute The States Governor is calling for his resignation. In the Governor’s words “I believe that Spritzer has betrayed the publics trust and that he must resign to maintain the dignity of his office.”

A Democratic source with firsthand knowledge of the issue said, “it is a ‘when’ question on the resignation. Not an ‘if’. He knows that. It is hard to come to terms with, and there are legal issues that are related to any big political decisions. But with the Governor calling for his resignation Eliot knows he cannot hold onto his job here. Well at least he’s not gay like that Larry Craig bathroom guy.”

According to New York State officials Lt. Gov. David Paterson is preparing to take over Spritzers post. Paterson , 53, would become the first black governor in the state and the fourth in U.S. history. The former state Senate minority leader, who is legally blind, is the son of Basil Paterson, a longtime Democratic operative in New York City.

Speaking from his Albany office the Governor called for Eliot Spitzer to “Move on” and save the people of New York more embarrassment. “I feel that all public officials caught up in this kind of trouble must resign. I’m not just talking about Spitzer, I’m talking about other whole mongers like Republician Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana and that bathroom queer bait from Idaho Republician Sen. Larry Craig.”