New York To Ban Listening to Ipods,Talking, and Gum Chewing While Crossing the Street

Unconfirmed sources report that New York State Senator Carl Krugerm will propose a law that would ban chewing gun, talking and listening to Ipods while crossing the street. Krugerm is gravely concerned about the safety of such activities while crossing the street and attributes many deaths in his district to the problem. “Government has an obligation to protect its citizenry, even the dumb ones.” Senator Kruger said from Albany, the state capital.

Earlier today the e Senator gave a stirring grave side speech at the funeral of a recent victim and warned against the dangers of chewing gun, talking and listening to ipods.

“.. it’s creating an atmosphere where we have a major public safety crisis at hand. How many of our young people have to die before we see the light? How many of our youth must we bury in the cold earth before we respond to this massive threat?” pleaded the State Senator.

Krugern seems to have tapped into a nationwide problem. Recent studies by the CDC (Centers of Disease Control) and the NTSB(National Transportation Safety Board) confirm the growing problem.

“Over that last ten months more people have died while chewing gum, talking and listening to Ipods than in the previous 10 years.” Says NTSB spokesman Ben Boozenitup. “The problem going to become a crisis if don’t do something, and quick. The amount of gum chewing, talking, and Ipod using is exploding and the nation is in danger.”

Krugerm is convinced the $100 fine for crossing the street while chewing gum, talking, and listening to Ipods will make all the difference and save many lives.