News Flash: Bob Novak Video Clip Shows His Cuddly Side

Bob Novak showed his softer more cuddly self today on CNN. Many people were surprised to find out that Bob is more than just a right wing hatchet man for the administration. Bob is kind man who has been wrongly slandered by a bias’ed edit of the live broadcast yesterday. Bobs friemds are rallying to his defense today. Follow the link below to see Bobs sweet side courtesy of our friends at Media Matters.

Media Matters Clip

“Bob is really getting a bum rap on this one.” Says fellow pundit James Carville. “Bob is really a sweet old man who is kind of having a really tough day. I don’t think he meant any harm or ill will towards anybody. I think he is just miss-understood.”

Bob’s friends and co-workers are lining up to show support for the much maligned news figure who was once called the “The Prince of Lightness” by an admirer. Bob has had a long career of speaking his mind and being miss-understood. People think that all his negative, back stabbing, politically slanted, self serving stories, means he is a bad man. People who know the real bob know the truth.

“Bob, like me, is a kind and sensitive man.” Says close friend Rush Limbaugh . “Bob speaks from the heart in everything that he does. This whole Valerie Plame/CNN thing has really hurt his feelings. He spent the day curled up in bed watching Oprah reruns to sooth his pain. I just want every body to know Bob you are my kind of guy. Buck up trooper..buck up.”

Novak could no be reached for comment.