First off, let me say that I have had stories published in Newsweek. Secondly, as a long-time subscriber to the magazine, I am getting concerned.

For the past year or so, the magazine has increaingly added too many non-news items; religion, health, hip-hop, Hollywood, aging, sex… which I find onerous, but tolerable.
My primary concern is that almost EVERY article… EVERY story, quotes a statement or opinion from an ANONYMOUS source.

Who are these timid persons who make profound statements, but hide behind them? They come in two forms.

No one is very interested in a journalist’s opinion, but if the writer conjures a fake person…..” Because he is close to the President, he asks not to be identified…” His words bear weight and the writer gets his point across. Dishonest? yes, but all to common.

The other anonomyous and nameless persons actually do exist, but are fearful of retribution, or losing their job, if they allow their names to be used after expressing an opinion.

Let me peruse my latest copy of Newsweek….

” It’s plausable,” says a senior Coalition advisor who is not authorized to speak on record.”

” In fact they were impatient,” says a U.S. official involved in the talks who asked not to be named speaking about topics that remain sensitive.

…said a White House official who could not be named discussing Iran.

…a senior British official who would only speak anonomyously about deliberations with the Americans…

These fearful and timid pontificators; as long as they can hide their identity, have strong opinions.

So, With tongue in cheek, let me submit a story to Newsweek:


( Somewhere)>
The world was shaken today by what happened in a city which won’t be named, due to fear of panicking the populace.

According to the Mayor, who requested not to be identified, the undisclosed awesome event took place in the early morning hours. A high ranking Pentagon official who could not speak for the record due to his position, said unnamed sources close to the President, were preparing a response.
A recently retired Brigadier General who asked that his name be withheld due to his close association with the Pentagon, told Newsweek that a country which cannot be named due to diplomatic sensitivity, was responsible. ” It surely was them, without a doubt!!” he said.