Nintendo Patents Wii Pants

Unconfirmed sources report that Nintendo has patented pants that have a special pocket to hold the gaming console’s Wiimote controller. The tight fitting pants feature a special pocket centered in the front of the pants to hold the controller. The Wii Pants are just one of many patents the company has taken recently to corner the market on Wiimote capable devices.

“You gotta hand it to the boys at Nintendo, they just keep coming up with the wacky stuff.” Says gaming expert Bill Ligerate, author of the New Gamers Bible. “They took an aging low power platform and turned it into a rock star, so I figure they know what they are doing. But Wii Pants, I just don’t want to think about the games they are developing for this.”

There has been much speculation as to why Nintendo patented the Wii Pants. Some believe it is purely a defensive move to keep third party developers from doing it. Others believe that this could open a whole new market for the Wii Console.

“I’m not saying this is what they are up to,” speculates gamer Kent Burns ” but the Wii brought many people into gaming, maybe Nintendo feels it time to take the game into the bedroom. I don’t know. The Wii Pants might just be the first step into… ‘intimate’ gaming.”

Nintendo has not commented on the Wii Pants or any of the other Wii centered devices it has patented.