Nobel Committee Asks Barack Obama to Return Peace Prize

The Norwegian Nobel Committee has asked US President Barack Obama to return the Peace Prize he was awarded earlier this year claiming that Obama has done nothing to end the war in Iraq and has caused needless deaths throughout the world.

“We gave him the prize because he talked a good game”, said Nobel Committee chairman Thorbjorn Jagland. “He said he was going to end the war. Instead he send in more troops to do more killing. My mother deserves the prize more than he does. She’s never killed anyone!”

Obama refused to return the prize insisting the United States was involved in a “humane and responsible war”. He also blamed the war on the Iraqi and Afghani people.

“The war is all their fault!” Obama insisted. “If they simply followed our form of government and did as we said then this war would never have happened.”

“There was once a time”, Obama said, “when all the people of the world regarded the United Stated with awe and fear. They regarded us as a jealous god and did our bidding without question. I want that type of respect returned to us.”

Obama did say he planned to end the war “when the time is right”.

“It ain’t time yet. Not until reelection”, he was overheard telling a friend.