North Korea Backs UN Action Against Nuclear Armed Mad Man

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-il praised the UN today as it considered strong action against the bellicose American regime of George W. Bush. Kim Jong-il traveled to the UN today and spoke before a hushed crowd at the General Assembly and later attended a closed door meeting of the Security Council. The North Korean leader made an impassioned plea to the world to take a stand against America as the two nations spar over the North Korean’s nuclear program.

Selected experts from the North Korean leaders remarks follow:

“Mr. Bush is a mad man. He has control over a vast nuclear arsenal and has shown a propensity to go to war under false pretenses. The Bush regime has already started two wars and has threatened four other nations with military force. The North Korean people have developed a nuclear deterrence to check the progress of the war monger Bush….”

“By passing such a resolution, the UN will send a clear message to the Bush regime that it’s actions will not be tolerated…And we will give the nations with the closest ties to America, China and South Korea – a framework to use their leverage to pressure Washington, and persuade its regime to change course.”

“North Korean is a small nation, but we feel that with our mighty weapons of mass destruction we can defend the world against the wanton destruction and death caused by the rouge American regime of Mr. Bush. We can upon the peoples of the world to tell the Americans we have had enough.”

The speech was interrupted at one point when the United States UN ambassador John Bolton had to be ejected from the UN for creating a disturbance.

The UN is expected to debate the matter over the next few days, with a decision likely early next week.