Not Britney, not Paris Hilton…But Amber Colt New Co-Host Of Ed-E-torial!

(New York-NY) You spoke, and though I’m at the age where I now have as much hair growing out of my ears and nose as the top of my head, I listened. You voted, and unlike the 2000 election, we counted every vote…once…even mine. So Amber Colt will be the new co-host of Ed-E-torial.

You can see the new season of Ed-E-torial right here on Unconfirmed Sources. But for those of you who didn’t get enough of Amber the first time, here’s the web-i-sode that made it all possible.

And no, I’m not bitter, just cynical and constipated.

Check out Amber Colt. Click the player below.

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