Nothing Much Happened Today

Nothing much happened today.
so there’s nothing much I have to say.
Nobody sighed and nobody cried,
No one was wounded and nobody lied.

CNN took itself off the air.
and Fox really was balanced and fair.
The networks played re-runs they say
since nothing much happened today.

There’s nothing for me to report
nothing in business or sports
No nerves that got frayed and no games that got played,
Nothing much happened today.

Not a lot happened at all.
No politico’s taken a fall.
No one committed a crime
and no one went crazy or blind

No one was forced their homes
and no child was left all alone.
Nobody burned their house down
and no poisons seeped out of the ground.

No one went to prison or jail.
No business or marriage has failed.
No options were weighed and no one was saved
Nothing much happened today

No bombs have gone off, no soldiers were lost
No pesticides sprayed, no debts that got paid,
No one reneged on promises made.
Nothing much happened today.

No women were beaten and raped
and no Mafia secretly taped.
No Dictators were found in a hole in the ground
Nothing much happened today.

Genocide fell out of use
and enemies called for a truce.
No one drowned in the bay after drinking all day
and the skies were not cloudy or gray.

No movie star filed for divorce
No policemen were kicked off the force.
No priests touched a child and no crowds have run wild,
at least, that I’ve heard of, of course.

Newsmen expressed their surprise
that no one in government lied
since that’s not the way that’s politics played
But it didn’t happen today.

There wasn’t a thing that went on.
No one got cheated or conned.
No new laws were passed and no parents got sassed
but that shouldn’t last for too long.

Tomorrow I’ll write once again
Maybe something will happen by then
With luck there’ll be pain and innocents slain
perhaps there’ll be rain and bombs found on trains
And then things will be normal again.