Novak Charged with 'Source Planting' in Latest Spat between Clinton and Obama Campaigns

Washington, DC (UPSI) – In a rare show of unity between the camps, the Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama Democratic presidential campaigns today released a joint statement accusing Chicago Sun-Times columnist Bob Novak of ‘source planting’. Novak, this past weekend, published a column in the Chicago Sun-Times in which he claimed to have an inside source within the Clinton campaign. Novak claims the source told him that the Clinton campaign had information of a personal nature which could conceivably wreck the Obama campaign, but that Clinton was withholding its release to the public out of a sense of fair play. If true,this becomes a new facet in the planting scandals which have rocked the campaigns of both parties, but one which many media insiders insist is commonplace in political reporting.

In conjunction with the campaigns’ press releases, TMZ, a celebrity gossip and paparazzi site, released what it claims is a photo showing Novak meeting with his Clinton insider at a fundraiser earlier this month. Novak is seen conversing with former Bush political adviser Karl Rove, whom he had previously used as a source for a column in which he revealed the identity of undercover CIA agent Valerie Plame.

The Chicago Sun-Times editorial board refused to disclose Novak’s source, citing confidentiality issues, and said that future revelations would be up to Novak and his anonymous source. Novak adamantly denied the charge of ‘source planting’, and refused further comment.

Karl Rove was reached for comment, but refused to confirm whether or not he was the source for Novak’s column. “Yes, it’s true, I have given to the Clinton campaign, but I have also given to the Obama campaign,” stated Rove. “I’m not aware of any dirt on either one of them. They’re both pretty much how they appear in public, she being a shrill, calculating bitch, and him a na