WAYNE LAPIERRE, NRA Executive Vice President expressed pleasure that his Executive Committee approved his ‘Guns in Schools’ proposal. …” The decision will have a major impact on NRA’s ability to protect the American people ” he said.

The Committee awarded honorary Ph.D.’s to recent school shooters. (some posthumously) whose actions have proven that all students and teachers should be armed while attending classes.

The following were recognized at the Las Vegas meeting last week:

February 14 2008: A gunman dressed all in black stepped on stage in a lecture hall at Northern Illinois University on Thursday and opened fire on a geology class.

A short time later, five students were dead and the gunman had killed himself on the lecture hall stage. Sixteen others were wounded, at least two of them critically.

Sept. 21, 2007: Two students are wounded at a late-night shooting at a campus dining hall at Delaware State University in Dover. Shalita K. Middleton, 17, dies Oct. 23 from her injuries. A student is charged in the shooting.
A short time later, five students were dead and the gunman had killed himself on the lecture hall stage. Sixteen others were wounded, at least two of them critically.

_April 16, 2007: Cho Seung-Hui, 23, fatally shoots 32 people in a dorm and a classroom at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, then kills himself in the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

_April 2, 2007: A 26-year-old researcher at the University of Washington in Seattle is shot to death in her office by her ex-boyfriend. Jonathan Rowan, 41, then kills himself.

_Sept. 2, 2006: Douglas W. Pennington, 49, kills himself and his two sons, Logan P. Pennington, 26, and Benjamin M. Pennington, 24, during a visit to the campus of Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, West Virginia.

_May 9, 2003: A 62-year-old man with two handguns and a bulletproof vest fires hundreds of rounds during a seven-hour shooting spree and standoff at a Case Western Reserve University building in Cleveland. One student is killed and two others are wounded. Biswanath Halder, who authorities say was upset because he believed a student hacked into his Web site, is later sentenced to life in prison.

_Oct. 28, 2002: Failing student and Gulf War veteran Robert Flores, 40, walks into an instructor’s office at the University of Arizona Nursing College in Tucson and fatally shoots her. A few minutes later, armed with five guns, he enters one of his nursing classrooms and kills two more of his instructors before fatally shooting himself.

_Jan. 16, 2002: Graduate student Peter Odighizuwa, 42, recently dismissed from Virginia’s Appalachian School of Law in Grundy, returns to campus and kills the dean, a professor and a student before being tackled by students. The attack also wounds three female students. Odighizuwa is serving six life sentences after pleading guilty.

_May 17, 2001: Donald Cowan, 55, fatally shoots assistant music professor James Holloway at a dorm at Pacific Lutheran University in Parkland, Washington, then turns the gun on himself. He leaves a 16-page suicide note expressing anger at a colleague of Holloway’s whom he dated briefly as a teenager.

_Aug. 28, 2000: James Easton Kelly, 36, a University of Arkansas graduate student recently dropped from a doctoral program after a decade of study and John Locke, 67, the English professor overseeing his coursework, are shot to death in an apparent murder-suicide by Kelly.

_June 28, 2000: Medical resident Dr. Jian Chen kills his supervisor and then himself in his supervisor’s office at the University of Washington in Seattle. Faculty say Chen, 42, was upset he had be forced to return to China because of his academic shortcomings.