NRA to launch "Cold Dead Hands Campaign"

WASHINGTON (Ucs News) — Unconfirmed sources report The National Rifle Association is preparing a new ad campaign to boost gun awareness and mobilize it’s membership for upcoming battles. The “Cold Dead Hands” Campaign will be in print, on the web and television starting in the fall of 2007.

NRA executive director Chris Cox The campaign is based around the slogan “You can have my gun when you pull in it from my cold dead hands.” Print ads will feature firearms in the grip of bloody hands, while television spots will feature Democratic politicians campaigning for gun control legislation.

Long time NRA critics are speculating The NRA needs to solidify it’s base. The wake of the bloody school massacres in Virginia and Pennsylvania public sentiment is turn in favor of some type of gun control.

NRA staffers admit the group is looking ahead to tough times. With Republicans weakening in congress and the 2008 Presidential race leaning in favor of Democrats the NRA will be shifting into a defensive posture.

NRA executive director Chris Cox said recently, “The NRA will be working to maintain 2nd amendment rights not expanding them. We will be paying off a core group of Republican congressmen from ‘safe’ states and districts to filibuster or silent hold any new gun control legislation.”

Cox described his hopes for the new Campaign “I think it will be a huge success, the television ad ‘Hillary Clinton can have my gun when she pulls it from my cold dead hands’ , combines all the elements needed to motivate every Male, Pro gun, Republican in the nation. It will bring in millions for the 2nd amendment legal defense fund.”