Nude Photos of Sarah Palin Released by Wikileaks

(London:England) Ucs News: WikiLeak founder, Julian Assange, announces his possession of Nude, sexually explicit photos of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Speaking by web cast from house arrest in London, Assange stated “Wikileaks has released the photos and they are hot. I believe people will be shocked and turned on.”

The high resolution nearly pornographic photos of Palin were take in her Alaska office. The photos dated from 2007 were professionally taken by Playboy photographer David Mecey. With a career spanning 3 decades shooting for some of the most famous magazines, movie studios, and corporations around the world, David Mecey was working to complete “Alaska Heats Up” for the famous men’s magazine.

According to Wikileaks the rights to the David Mecey photos of Palin were purchased by the Discovery Channel after The McCain Presidential campaign Blocked publication in 2009.