Nude Vanessa Hudgens to be Featured in High School Musical version of "Hair"


Burbank, CA (O! Online) – Rather than panic over the recent release of apparently authentic nude pictures of 18-year-old High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens, Walt Disney Studios today announced that it would be going ahead with plans for a cable only release of its remake of the controversial antiwar musical, “Hair”. “Hair” will star Hudgens and the entire cast of High School Musical and reportedly will include the controversial nude scene that was featured on Broadway during its run in the late 60s and early 70s.

“This just seemed to be an opportune moment for Disney studios to broaden its markets a little, and kind of distance ourselves a bit from some “family values” political affiliations which have become a little creatively stifling,” stated Disney CEO Robert Eiger. “Healthy sexuality, with an antiwar message seems to be more of what the young American public is interested in. We at Disney applaud Ms. Hudgens for her progressive views and her recent decision, as was said during the period, to ‘let it all hang out’.”

“The Disney brand will be the same,” assured Eiger, “we will just be attempting to address a more mainstream set of family values with the High School Musical cast’s interpretation of “Hair”.