NY Gubernatorial Candidate Warren Redlich Wants to Starve Public Sector Employees

New York Criminal Defense Lawyer and gubernatorial candidate Warren Redlich stated today that he wishes to cap the salaries of public sector employees at $100,000 per year and pensions at $75,000 thus effectively starving many of them or forcing them into bankruptcy.

Many public sector employees expressed dissatisfaction with Redlich’s plan. “I can’t get by on a lousy hundred grand a year!” said Long Island Railroad repairman Ronald Obergoue. “I’ve got a wife with very expensive tastes, two kids who are approaching driving age who will need fancy cars to impress their friends, two mortgage payments, a mistress and a country club membership!”

Obergoue currently earns over $280,000 per year from the railroad and claims the pay reduction would force him to possibly sell one of his homes, force him to buy used cars for the children and may hinder his relationships with both his wife and mistress.

“Oh, don’t tell anyone about the mistress!” Obergoue pleaded.

Police Officer Shane McGinty also expressed disapproval with Redlich’s plan. “I’m making 200 grand a year right now. I’m not taking no pay cut from some hack Jewish lawyer!”

Over 80,000 New York state employees are currently making over $100,000 per year. Redlich claims that by limiting salaries to $100,000 and capping pensions at $75,000 the state will save over $250 million per year.

“Yes, it will save money, but at what cost?” asked Maintenance Supervisor Jake Greenjeans, who currently makes $250,000 a year. “At the cost of our own lifestyles? I think not!”

Current New York Governor David Patterson said he will fight against Redlich’s insidious plan. “We don’t have to cut big salaries. All we have to do is raise the taxes!”