NY Police Announce Arrest in Times Square Bicycle Bombing


Queens, NY (UPSI) – Acting upon tips and key eyewitness accounts, the NYPD announced that they had just apprehended a male cyclist in Queens who they believed to be responsible for the early morning bombing of a Times Square Marine recruiting station. While the blast was sizable according to some accounts, no one was injured and the damage was limited to the destruction of the lower half of a plate glass window in front of the station. Police stated that they were pleased with the response from the public and the rapidity in which they were able to draw their investigation to a close and make an arrest.

“It was fairly obvious that this was a politically motivated statement from the onset,” stated NYPD detective Frank McCloud. “This guy had a bone to pick. He was really upset over what he felt was a decrease in the security of America, and an increased risk for terrorism, and he was trying to make an example.”

Police sources stated that they knew the identity of the suspect but were prohibited from releasing it by federal authorities who had been activated, on the grounds of national security. Rumors circulated that the suspect may be highly placed in the current Bush administration, but New York police would neither confirm nor deny.

White House spokesperson Dana Perino stated that, “the president is currently unavailable for comment.” She stressed that the White House was looking into the incident but that it would not be prudent to comment while an investigation was under way. “The incident is unfortunate,” stated Perino, “but it still should serve as a warning to the American public as to the very real peril that Democrats have risked for us all by stonewalling the president’s push for telecom immunity in the ongoing hard work of protecting our country.”