Obama Campaign Admits $2500 Spent on Bowling Lessons

(Washington D.C.) Ucs News- Obama spokesmen Bill Burton confirmed rumors the campaign authorized $2500.00 to be spent on bowling lessons. “In light of Barack’s poor performance we though it critical to the voters of North Carolina that Senator Obama improve his game.”

According to Burton Tom Baker, a Professional bowler and North Carolina resident, is under contract to instruct Mr. Obama on the finer points of the game. Following the conference call with Burton Ucs news contacted professional bowler.

Baker confirmed that he and the Senator had enjoyed several after hours training sessions. Mr. Baker stated that Barack is fit, has a firm grim and a steady arm, the perfect building blocks of a good bowling game. “Barack’s a quick learner and has shown good concentration on his game. He just needs help with his stance and confidence on the lane.” said Backer.

Tom Baker is well qualified to help improve the senators game. Baker won the 2004 PBA World Championship and has personal bowl 49 300 pin games over his career. Baker a resident of King North Carolina was inducted into the PBA Hall of Fame in 1999 in the Veterans/Senior Category.

Following his last training session with the Senator, Baker suggested the focus on bowling was very silly. “Bowling is just a game, even for a professional like me. I would hope that people and the media would be more concerned with his plans for the economy and how we can get out Iraq.”