Obama Campaign Issues Stadium Challenge to John McCain

(Chicago) Ucs News– Speaking from the new DNC offices in Chicago Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama challenged John McCain to a Stadium filling duel. “I’m happy for John McCain he can screen a crowd and fill 200 seats for a phony town hall meeting. Now lets see if he can fill the Rose Bowl?”

According to the formal challenge, Obama has secured commitments from The Rose Bowl in Pasadena and Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor to host the candidates for simultaneous campaign rallies. “I’ll let John have his choice we will see who can fill there stadium first.” said Obama.

The stadium challenge would be a great way for Obama to show case his popular support. The nearly identical Rose Bowl and Michigan Stadium both seat 105,000 people. Political experts predict Obama could fill either while McCain would struggle.

Barack Obama has shown a talent for bringing the masses out, The huge rally in Portland drew an unprecedented 80,000 people. Meanwhile The MCcain campaign has been forced to focus on filling VFW halls and posh hotel ballrooms.

Obama stated “John McCain wants to speak with town halls, good for him. I will be speaking to entire towns.”