Obama donates $25 to Clinton's debt relief

Barack Obama personally donated $25 of his own money to help Hillary Clinton pay off her $20 million debt she incurred in her unsuccessful bid to regain the White House.

Hillary admits she made some errors in financial judgment during the campaign such as paying $138,000 hosting lavish drug-filled orgies at her home then spending $1.2 million to shut up the reporters afterward. She realized too late that she could have hosted the parties elsewhere for much less and covered her face with a veil.

Some of her expenses have not seen a return such as the $340,000 she paid a hit man to assassinate Obama during a campaign rally in Los Angeles and “make it look like an accident”. The hit man bungled the job by showing up at the wrong address and accidentally killed a black sanitation worker. He has yet to return the money. Also, most of the people at her rallies were paid for their support.

“I know Hillary has incurred a tremendous amount of debt so allow me to present this check for $25 toward that cause!” Obama announced to his supporters. “If all of Ms Clinton’s supporters gave her $25 that would help alleviate at least a couple of hundred dollars right there!”

Hillary said she’s not worried about paying off the debt because “if my creditors come after me for the money, f**k ’em” she told a friend.