Obama in Secret $30 Million Deal With Blackberry

As many Americans have already suspected, President Barack Obama allegedly inked a $30 million advertising deal with smartphone maker Blackberry, Inc.

Unconfirmed Sources reveal that Obama secretly signed a $30 million advertising promotion with the cell phone maker during his campaign to become President. Though he has not admitted so publicly, Obama’s words and actions seem to verify the claim.

“I love my Blackberry. I never leave home without it”, Obama told a reporter. “I encourage every American to buy a Blackberry. And you can buy one now for only $99.99 with a two year activation plan from Sprint”

Obama then told the media several places to purchase Blackberry products and even offered a 20% discount to anyone who said “Obama sent me” to their salesperson.

Obama fervently denied having a contract with Blackberry but also suggested that it would be OK if he did have one.

“I don’t have a contract with Blackberry but if I did, so what?” Obama asked. “Basketball players sell deodorant and there’s no conflict of interest.”

Executives from Apple, Inc., maker of the Blackberry competitor iPhone, say they will offer Obama $40 million if he just shuts up about the Blackberry.

“We don’t want him to even sell our product! We just want him to shut the f**ck up!” said Apple CEO John Sculley.

Sales Of Blackberry phones and Blackberry products have skyrocketed since Obama became President.

Obama ended a recent speech by raising his Blackberry toward the cameras saying, “kids, ask mom and dad for a Blackberry!”