Obama Mac Attack : Bed time for Gonzo : Dead Pets Society : Tony Snow heading for Rehab : Tom Del…

Obama Mac Attack : Trending Down
No fan of Hillary but Misguided to the Max
Stay focused Mr. Bush, he is the fascist.

Alberto Gonzales : Trending Down(in flames)
Cute nickname- Senior Gonzo
Biggest sin? Exposing Rove to subpoenas.

Britney Spears : Trending Up
Out of rehab, but for how long?

Tom Delays New Book : Trending Down
Automatic self stroking ego or just plain delusional
Time for a good old fashioned book burning?
I’m waiting for Jack Abramoffs tell-all

Karl Rove : Trending Down
Worst nightmare coming true.
subpoena requires…….telling the truth?
This could be ugly or fun.

Congressional Oversight : Trending Up
Welcome back! It’s been a long six years.
It does exist, no matter what Tony Snow says.

Tony Snow: Trending Down
Have you been drinking to much?
Reread the constitution AND get some professional help.

Poison Pet Food : Trending Down
Thank god mystery solved – Rover is safe.
Now can we find the missing E-Mails from the Justice Department.

Al Gore : Trending up
Republicans hate him, The planet loves him.
Maybe he can save the polar bears?