Obama Photo Circulated Sporting New Flag Lapel Pin

Cleveland, OH (APE) – A day after numerous news and opinion press pieces began questioning Senator Obama’s patriotism for not wearing an American flag lapel pin, a photograph began circulating the Internet featuring Mr. Obama sporting a new flag lapel pin, with the inscription, “Patriots for Peace”. The Clinton campaign, when contacted, stated that they wished to wait to see how the situation played out before deciding to accept or deny responsibility for the controversial photograph. They did, however, suggest that this might have been a “despicable move” on the part of the Obama campaign to upstage Mrs. Clinton, and ultimately call into question her patriotism as she was scheduled to unveil a red white and blue pantsuit during her upcoming campaign swing through Texas.

A spokesperson for the Obama campaign stated that they could not take credit for the photograph now circulating the Internet, but admitted that the senator had indeed begun wearing the pin in question starting today.

“Barak was greeted in El Paso, Texas by a Hispanic soldier who was scheduled to deploy to Iraq on his fifth tour of duty in six years,” stated an Obama campaign spokesperson. “The soldier presented the senator with the pin, stating that he had worn it on his uniform in Iraq since 2004, and asked him to wear it as a sign of support for the vast majority of servicemen and women and their families who dearly love America and want to see an end to the senseless, brutal, and failed occupation of Iraq, and desperately want to be redeployed to renew and finish the faltering War on Al Qaeda. Mr. Obama thanked him for his service and patriotism and stated that he would be honored to wear the pin, with an enthusiastic Si, puedo!”

A Clinton campaign spokesperson suggested that Tuesday night’s last debate between the candidates in Ohio promised much fireworks as Hillary planned to tie together all of the criticisms she had begun this past weekend in a forceful and “bitchy” way. “We like what we saw this weekend on Saturday Night Live, and Hillary will be “the woman in black” from now on.”