Obama placed under Secret Service protection and NSA Surveillance

(Ucs News) — Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, a U.S. senator from Illinois, has been placed under the protection of the Secret Service and NSA surveillance, the Bush Administration said Thursday.

The Administration is not aware of any specific, credible threat against Obama, according to a law enforcement source familiar with the decision. But his office has received hate mail and calls and other “threatening materials” in the past and during his campaign, the source said.

Sources inside the White House stated that Obama is a specific and credible threat to the nation and Republican National Committee in particular. The threat of Obama has caused the NSA to open the case and penetrate the senator’s campaign.

Three Obama campaign officials who discussed the issue on condition of anonymity also said the RNC is very concerned about what Obama could do if his power were to increase unchecked.

They said the request stemmed from what one called the “cumulative effect” of a heavier campaign schedule, larger crowds and “just the growing perception that people might really vote for him” it was time to take additional precautions that are best suited to the skills of the NSA.