Obama Promises He Will Outsource More Jobs to India

As First Lady Michelle Obama danced her way into the hearts of the Indian people, President Barack Obama promised Indian PM Manmohan Singh and the Indian Parliament that he will outsource more American jobs to India to secure the economic prosperity of the Indian people and to keep prices low for Americans.

“Goods and services are so much cheaper in India”, Obama declared. “By outsourcing our manufacturing, customer service and other industries we be saving Americans money while they look for jobs and struggle through these desperate economic times”.

Obama explained that the average salary for an Indian worker is $5,200 per year which would be below the poverty line in the United States

Obama encouraged US manufacturers to move their facilities to the heavily populated country in order to save consumers money.

“Obama is right”, said Time-Warner spokesperson Sheila Wendt. “We already have most of our customer service teams in India. This allows us to pass the savings along to Americans so they can have cheap cable TV and internet services”.

Credit card companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, industrial designers and many other industries are finding it more profitable to maintain offices in India.

Some companies are offering language and accent removal classes so the Indian customer service people sound more like “regular Americans”.