Obama rejects Clinton offer : "I have no interest in being Hilary Clinton's Vice Presidential ho…

(CHEYENNE, Wyoming (UCS News ) — Presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama has won the Wyoming Democratic caucus, Ucs News projected Saturday. The 59 percent to 40 percent victory for Obama was another set back for the Hilary campaign.

In a fiery speech following the victory, Obama strongly rejected the suggestion he join the Clinton ticket as VP. “I have no interest in being Hilary’s Vice Presidential house boy, I’m going to be the President! “

Obama supporters roared in response to the remark. According to campaign staffers the mood in Cheyenne “was electric” with Obama commanding the room with his trademark hopeful rhetoric.

Ucs News estimates that Obama will win at least seven more delegates and Clinton will win four delegates with one delegate still outstanding. Five of Wyoming’s 12 delegates will be allocated at the state convention, which will be held Memorial Day in Jackson, but the allocation will be based on caucus results.

Looking ahead to the race against John McCain, Barack Obama’s poll numbers suggest he will be more than a match for the Republican Senator from Arizona. According to Obama staffers, Barack is considering Clinton as a possible running mate but the position of first lady will most likely go to Michelle Robinson Obama.