(Virginia) Ucs News–Barack Obama said today that Billy Mays would be on anybody’s “short list of vice presidential candidates,” but declined to say whether he’d personally consider the TV pitchman as his running mate.

Though the Obama campaign has just claimed victory, speculation is swirling that Billy Mays could be positioning himself for a shot at Obama’s No. 2 spot, Obama gave the standard line, saying he has just won “two days ago and that he wouldn’t speculate “until I have had time to consider all the options.”

“It would be presumptuous of me to suggest that Mays is going to be my running mate while I’m still actively reviewing other VP candidates.” said Obama.

Obama teased the individual who asked about his running mate possibilities, joking that the press must have put him up to the question.

But he elaborated a bit, saying: “I will say that Mays has shown himself to be an extraordinary salesmen that can relate to America’s working class. … he is hard-working, he is tough. He is very smart, and so I think he would be on anyone’s list – short list of vice presidential candidates. But beyond that, you know, I don’t want to offer an opinion.”

Meanwhile, Mays took shots at John McCain’s health care plan at a stop in Portland, Ore., Friday – a sign that he isn’t just running out the string in hopes of snagging a VP nod.

“How could anybody run for president and not have a universal health care plan?” Mays said. “This is a huge problem for McCain.”