Obama snaps up 4 more delegates: 2 from Clinton : 2 from McCain

(PHOENIX, AZ) Ucs News – Today the Arizona Republican Party announced that two delegates promised to John McCain have now endorsed Democratic Senator Barack Obama for president. The endorsements brings the Obama delegate total to 1,728 while John McCain lags behind with only 1,229 pledge delegates.

The Obama campaign was stunned when they received the news. According to the UCS News tally, Senator Obama is now only 290 delegates away from winning the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination.

The 2 Republican delegates fearing for their safety asked that their names not be released. The pair explained that John McCain has failed to clarify how his administration would help working people. They were particularly upset with his botched response to the home mortgage crisis.

When asked in the Republican delegates would be accepted the DNC chair Howard Dean said, “Senator Barack Obama is strengthening the Democratic Party by bringing in new voters Republican and Independent alike. While the Party rules committee will have the final say, I believe Senator Obama has the ability to lead this country forward and I aid his effort.”