Obama's Guam Victory Proves Obama Can't Win : Says Clinton

(Indiana – Ucs News) Speaking to supports at a truck stop Hillary Clinton continued her campaigns main theme, Obama can’t win big states. “Once again Obama victory in Guam proves that I’m the better candidate.” Stated Clinton. The results from Guam while not complete are a major set back for the Obama campaign.

The presidential candidates are battling for Guam’s four pledged delegate votes. A total of eight delegates will be elected, each with half a vote at the Democratic National Convention in Denver this summer.

With 15 out of 19 villages reporting, Obama leads the vote count from the Guam Democratic presidential caucuses with 1,393 votes (53.3 percent). Hillary Clinton has 1,222 votes (46.7 percent).

Obama campaign staffers conceded that Barack’s victory in Guam would give a boost to the Clinton campaign. “Were not happy our victory in Guam. Our win plays right into the Clintons’ campaign strategy.” said David Plouffe Obama’s Campaign Manager.