Oh Denny Boy

Oh Denny Boy (apologies to any Irish who are offended)

Oh Denny Boy, Oh Cripes, Oh Cripes yer fallin’
You sinned the sin, and let Mark Foley slide
You blunder on, with all your powers… lying
That you, you didn’t know… your shame you now must hide.

Your scum attacks with slimy innuendo
You rally Rush, send spite through Tony Snow
They’ll cast despair opining on foreshadows
Oh Denny Boy, Oh Denny Boy, you got to go.

And when you’re done with all the sour crying
And not the head, o’er fed on swell lobbies
You’ll be enshrined, encased with all the dying
And keel o’er and say “Oy Vey! The GOP…”

Then we shall rear, throw off misleds around ye
And all your screams will warn the bitter freed
That you’ve all failed to sell us Bush’s misery
We’ll simply heap caprice on Rove and ye.

We’ll simply heap caprice on Rove and ye.