OJ Simpson, "If I did it, I'm the Sickest Son of a Bitch Alive!"

OJ Simpson is trading in his bloody knife for a pen as he tries to make some money off of his dastardly crimes. How is he doing it? He has written a book called “If I did it, I’m the sickest Son of a Bitch Alive!” In the book OJ promises “…to tell you a story you’ve never heard before, because no one knows this story the way I know it. I’m going to tell you about every blood spurting moment.”

“If I did it, I’m the sickest Son of a Bitch Alive!” is to be released Nov. 30 by Regan, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. Simpson will also appear on another Murdoch property, FOX News, to plug the book. FOX has agreed to air a two-part interview with Simpson on Monday, Nov. 27 and Wednesday, Nov. 29.

“This book is amazing. You have to think Pulitzer, it’s that good.” Says literary critic Joan Morrison, of the New York Daily Review. “OJ weaves a web so spellbinding you’d think he was actually there. He takes everything you think you know about those events and fits them into story that had me reading all night long. When it was all over I just wanted to know when his next book was coming.”

The book, ‘If I did it, I’m the sickest Son of a Bitch Alive!’, is not receiving praise from all quarters however, the families of OJ’s victims Nicole Brown, and Ron Goldman , are calling the book and it’s related publicity events sick and disgusting. There has even been talk of several lawsuits against Simpson and FOX News to recover any profits from the deal.