Olympic Swimming Champion Michael Phelps Demands Bigfoot Investigation

(Beijing : China) Ucs New– Olympic Swimming Champion Michael Phelps surprised reporters during a press conference today. After succeeding in his Olympic quest to will a record 8 gold medals Michael Phelps confirmed he is now ready to take on his other life’s passion. The search for Bigfoot.

Michael Phelps, a long time Bigfoot enthusiast has long enjoyed searching for mythical creature if his spare time. According to Phelps “Bigfoot’s been eluding capture for far too long while also struggling with the burden of being nothing more than a myth
passed from generation to generation now I will join the search for the mighty Bigfoot.”

Michael Phelps went on to discuss the case of the two hunters based in the United States that have laid claim to the discovery of Bigfoot, saying that they found the body of a large, hairy ape-like creature two weeks ago while in forestry located in the northern reaches of Georgia.

Phelps suggested that he would be willing to help Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer substantiate their claim. “The two need to produce DNA and photographic evidence that proves their find is