Olympic Torch Tours Sites of Famous Chinese Massacres

BEIJING (Ucs News)– The Beijing Olympic flame arrived in China today and will begin it’s history tour of the ancient nation. The relay will surely promote the Olympic movement but it’s planned route will remind the world on China troubled past. The first ceremony in China will take place at the site of infamous Tiananmen Square Massacre.

Many consider the starting point of the Olympic flame’s “Journey of Harmony” an ironic choice. According to historical accounts PLA troops with fixed bayonets and tanks plunged in the crowd of peaceful demonstrators. While the “official” record states there were no civilian causalities,, eyewitness accounts put the total of dead and wounded at 4000. on June 4, 1989 Tiananmen Square was awash in the blood of the Chinese people.

From Beijing the Olympic flame will travel to the Tibetan capital of Lhasa the most recent site of Chinese repression. In April anti-govenment Protests escalated into widespread rioting. The PLA was once again set in to settle the political unrest with violence. For the people of Tibet the Chinese occupation has meant years of repression and economic apathy. From Tibet the torch will travel onward to the city of Kashgar.

Long the flash point between the Chinese state and Islamic militants, Kashgar has begun to look like a city under siege. The border province of Xinjiang has thus become the death-penalty capital of the world, according to human-rights groups. While more prisoners are executed in China than in the rest of the world put together, the largest percentage are in this restive region