Only You Can Prevent Barack Obama…Or Not

I’m writing this as a pissed off Democrat, and as a pissed off Democrat I’m telling you this: we’re gonna get our asses kicked in November. Why? Not because the Republican’s are better suited to running Congress; no, actually in the first eight years of this decade they’ve proved just how woefully inadequate they are at the job. And not because President Obama has ‘failed’ in any real way. Yes, the BP Spill was bad and no, he’s not as personable as Bill Clinton and yes, he’s been forced (by the free spending ways of the very same Republicans who are screaming about it now) to increase our national debt to try and save us from fiscal ruin. No, we’re gonna get our asses kicked because we Democrats are fickle and spineless little whimps who are afraid of the likes Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh. God knows why, because they’re idiots, but there you are. We’re gonna lose because of us.

Do you remember us in 2008? We were pissed off then too, fed up and ready to do something about it. Blacks, Latinos, Liberals, Anti-war, Greens, disaffected centrist Republicans and whoever else you can think of. We couldn’t stand the thought of four more years of Bush policies. And together we took a chance and elected history- the first African American, mixed race President in our history. And it wasn’t as if we were all together behind this guy from the get go…we had Hillary supporters (myself included) who had to come around, Republicans to woo, like that. But we did it and we did it big- no fifty/fifty nation here.

But our big problem (well, there are actually several) was that we’re, as a people, impatient. We expected this brilliant young man to do and fix everything in his first six months in office. We figured, “We’ve done our jobs, we got off the fucking couch and went to the polls to vote. That’s it. That’s all we needed to do.” Well, jack-offs, you were wrong. Supporting a guy means helping him too and standing by him. But we didn’t do that at all.

No. Hispanics thought he’d fix the immigration issue without their help. The Greens thought he’d end our dependence on oil in a week. The anti-war crowd thought he’d withdraw every soldier from every country by mid-March of 2009 and the Gays thought they’d all be married by now. Republicans thought the Recession would be over and their houses and 401-K’s would be worth what they were back in 2006. And of course, everybody thought he’d do all this without a bit of help from us.

Although we talked about it, no seemed concerned when Limbaugh said, “What’s wrong with wanting the president to fail?” Think about it- wanting Barack Obama to fail means wanting America to fail. That’s a matter of great concern, or should be. And we just laughed at Sarah Palin and Glen Beck and their juvenile and idiotic statements and outright lies, forgetting that there were millions of Americans who didn’t care whether these two were right or wrong, that they hated the idea of a Black man as president so much that they’d accept any lie…he’s a Muslim, he’s a Socialist, a Communist, a Fascist, a foreigner…anything at all, as long as it fucked him up.

We laughed at the Tea Party because they wore funny hats and said stupid things, ignoring the fact that these stupid things had to do with religious bigotry, racial intolerance and out and out hatred of the traditional American values of tolerance and inclusiveness. Remember the old saying, “You never discuss religion or politics in polite conversation?” That was because everyone used to be free to believe what they wanted to, whether it was about God or political parties. No longer. Now, unless you believe exactly what they believe, you’re anti-American scum. Unless you support them you’re a reverse racist, a Jihad loving terrorist sympathizer, as I say, you’re anti-American.

We’ve allowed the Palin’s and the Limbaugh’s to frame the debate, and the debate isn’t about how best to fix the problems caused by eight years of rampant Republican spending, massive unemployment and a changing American demographic. The debate is about building a mosque two blocks away from Ground Zero, it’s about keeping out immigrants who have been leaving in droves anyway, it’s about whether giving people healthcare is Socialism…no, wait. Giving people healthcare is Socialism, plain and simple. It’s about everything Republicans seventy five years ago accused FDR of when he initiated Social Security…the exact same arguments. The only difference is that seventy five years ago the Union Movement was just getting started, even more people were out of work, homeless and starving and instead of a Recession were in the middle of a full blown economic Depression and We The People were tough enough to support our President.

Maybe, because we’re so impatient these days, we elected Obama too early. Maybe things weren’t bad enough yet. Another four years of Republicanism under McCain and Palin might’ve done it, might’ve left America in such a bad position that mosques and who could marry who wouldn’t be so important to Republicans and the Tea Party. The immigrants would be long gone because there would be no work to stay for…if you’re gonna starve anyway, better to go home and starve with your own family. We’d still be out of Iraq, by the way, cause that timetable was put in place when Bush was president, not Barack Obama. And Afghanistan would be just another failure.

So to the anti-war set, Obama told you he was gonna escalate in Afghanistan. To the Gays, if California can’t even vote to get Gay marriage into law, you gotta accept that Barack Obama can’t either- yet. To the Greens, Obama is behind you…he does want wind, geo-thermal and solar but until we’re actually completely out of oil, there’ll always be someone fighting him on it. To the anti-tax Tea People, you had your party, now you have to pay for it, so man up. And remember, it wasn’t a Bush but a Clinton that had the fiscal responsibility to give us surpluses and a bunch of untrained candidates just voting “No!” isn’t gonna bring those surpluses back.

In two years Barack Obama has started on healthcare reform, credit card reform, started to re-build our standing in the world, got more sanctions out of Russia on Iran, pushed for green energy, kept some major corporations from complete ruin, started on keeping those rapacious bastards on Wall Street in check. He hasn’t done everything yet, or even most of it, but compare his two years to any of Bush’s. Any of them. And this is with Republicans fighting him every step of the way and no support from us. Jesus, the man just needs some time and our support.

But if you don’t go out and vote to keep and even increase a Democratic majority in both Houses of Congress, you won’t just fuck Obama, you’ll fuck yourselves to, and you’ll deserve what you get. All of it. If you think things are bad now, just wait till December.