Opening in Theatres this Weekend: Pirates of the Potomac


Hollywood, CA (O! Online) – “Pirates of the Potomac” re-opens this weekend in movie theatres across the nation. Starring Hollywood newcomer Georgie Inept, it tells the tale of a band of scurvy swashbuckling beltway insiders who mount a renewed quest for the legendary social security lockbox, or “nearly dead man’s chest”.

Inept reprises his role as Commander Jackass Chicken Hawk and succeeds in bringing the audience to it’s knees in laughter and tears, with his portrayal as a dry-drunken bumbling buffoon in charge of a band of greedy misfits.

Commander Chicken Hawk and the crew of the Ghost Tanker Black Gold, on the occasion of the commander’s sixtieth birthday, abandon their quest for oily riches, and instead attempt to plunder the mother lode of the legendary “Nearly Dead Man’s Chest”.

Hilarity and hi-jinx abound as the crew meets stiff resistance from a fortified and entrenched band of citizens determined to guard and preserve the lockbox for all times.

“Pirates of the Potomac” has been rated PG-13 for occasional profanity, and repeated instances of torture and violence.