Orange County Choppers Chop House to open in September

(New York : Ucs News) Paul Teutul Sr. and his sons, Paul Teutul Jr. and Mikey announced plans to open a steak house. For the Teutul’s it’s a natural. According to friends and family the men of Orange County Choppers are no strangers to fine food and big portions. The OCC Chop House will feature trademark “Billet Cut” beef and pork steaks.

In a press conference staged at the OCC shop Paul Teutul Sr. stated “We just loved the Idea of our own Orange County Choppers Chop house. Now that we are rich and famous it’s time to eat.” According to Restaurant manager David Harley, “It was Mike’s idea, he really wanted a place where he could eat free and not get kicked out.”

In True OCC style Paul Jr. has taken his fabrication skills into the kitchen. The Center piece of the restaurant will be the “Metal Shop” kitchen located in the middle of the 8000 sq. foot space. The Metal shop features specially cut grills featuring the OCC logo and diamond plate patterns.

Food critics have already previewed the menu and are raving about the 15 oz. dry aged steaks cut with the a specially modified Flow Jet. According to Paul Teutul Sr. the flow jet cutter creates perfectly trimmed steaks with nano perforations through out. The thousands of tiny holes creates allows the special recipe rosemary butter to penetrate the entire steak. “The Billet Cut steak is so tender it really does melt in your mouth.” says Paul Sr.

Discovery channel producer Thom Beers, creator of American Choppers has already contracted with the Teutul’s for 16 episodes of “Americican Chop House”. With Paul Sr. as the cantankerous host and Paul Jr. cast as the temperamental chief we can look forward to hot tempers and flying food.