O'Reilly Continues Attacks on Daily Kos

New York, NY
(Rotters) – Bill O’Reilly on his Fox news syndicated show “The O’ Reilly Factor” tonight launched another salvo directed at the progressive blog site, “The Daily Kos”, exposing what he claimed to be the original photo which was doctored to impugn the character of Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman.

“I particularly took it personally,” explained O’Reilly, “as this was one of my more fond memories of President Bush. He had simply allowed me a closer look at the official Crawford White House belt buckle. For some juvenile, hate-mongering amateur photoshopper to remove my head and replace it with that of the Honorable Senator from Connecticut and insinuate oral sex is just disgusting and vile.”

O’Reilly went on to highlight some of what he claimed to be vicious character assassinations emanating from The Daily Kos now directed at him in retaliation.

“These people have even gone after my sexuality and accused me of being a predator,” stated O’Reilly. “Contrary to what the Kos would have you believe, I know the difference between a Faloofle and a laffa and I’ve had plenty of women who think I’m attractive. I’ve never had to stalk anyone for sex, and this bubba caddouche knows how to have a good time. “

O’Reilly concluded the segment by vowing to continue to go after businesses or politicians either supporting or sponsoring the Yearly Kos meeting currently underway in Chicago. He also vowed to pursue any business removing sponsorship from his endeavors, starting with the recent withdrawal by Lowe’s Inc.