Osama bin Laden endorses Sharron Angle

LAS VEGAS – Osama bin Laden, al Qa’eda’s number one, has publicly expressed his support for senatorial candidate Sharron Angle. He has done so on the basis of Sharron Angle’s criticism of Senator Reid for causing job losses, and bin Laden views job growth as un-American.

“Since Sharron Angle says she is for jobs, which are un-American, and I am anti-American, then I strongly support Sharron Angle,” said Osama bin Laden in a press release. “There is nothing more American than staying home and watching television.”

Many experts agree that jobs are indeed anti-American.

“More jobs means less time to watch television, which is the most pro-American activity on the planet,” said one GOP analyst, speaking on condition anonymity. “Jobs are nothing but a terrorist plot. Just imagine if nobody had a job and stayed home on the couch. That solves terrorism, since nobody would be out and about to cause harm to others or get injured. Terrorism solved. More GOP candidates should be celebrating job losses.”