Palin Breaks With McCain: Returns to Michigan to Campaign

Unconfirmed sources report that Governor Sarah Palin has rebelled against John McCain and returned to Michigan to continue the fight for the valuable swing state. The maverick vp candidate has taken personal control over her handlers and campaign staff and they are staying in Michigan even as the McCain campaign has denied that Palin and husband Todd are going to campaign there.

“Todd and I, we’re happy to be in Michigan,” said Sarah Palin at a Detroit campaign rally. “We’re so happy to speak to the people here in Michigan who are hurting. Whatever Todd and I can do in realizing what the challenges are, I wanna know and help Michigan, I want to try. I’m not giving up on Michigan and I know Michigan won’t give up on me!”

The move by Palin to openly defy her own running mate is causing a stir in the Republican faithful who have appalled her willingness to buck the establishment, even if it means disregarding the directives of the McCain Campaign.

“She really is a maverick.” Says Ethel Hampshire, an unemployed autoworker in Detroit, who attended one the surprise Palin rallies. “Sarah is a tough cookie who is not going to just go along with a decision if she thinks it a bad one. I love her spirit and spunk. I just wish she was running for president herself!”

A spokesman for “Team Palin” has confirmed that the governor will make a three-day swing through Michigan before venturing to other swing states and categorically stated that Palin would be returning.