Palin Goes "Northern Exposure" in November Playboy Issue for GOP


Hollywood, CA (DMZ) – Presumptive Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has apparently resurfaced after almost a week of sequestration by the Republican Party at their national convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul. She has been busy with a photo shoot for the popular men’s magazine Playboy, and will be reportedly appearing in the centerfold in a special November presidential elections issue, DMZ has learned.

The November issue will take a look at how the Republican Party hopes to parlay numerous sex scandals in a rebranding effort to come up with a win this fall.

“I don’t think we realized what a hot commodity we had, until the brilliance of Sen. McCain’s selection began to register,” stated McCain campaign spokesperson Tucker Bounds. “Our own side has begun to fall over itself with her newfound celebrity and good looks. Rather than try to chase down rampant Democratic sexism, we just decided to run with it… let’s face it, she’s hot, and she’s ready on day one. Sen. McCain has a real eye for that, and his new vice president has been a real trooper.”

The centerfold story also reportedly features a hunting conversation between exiting VP Dick Cheney and centerfold Palin. The two reportedly discussed foreign policy over the slaughter of 76 quail, 12 geese, eight turkeys, and two foxes at Cheney’s private hunting reserve in Montana.

“I had fun and it was a real experience,” Palin joked with a DMZ reporter by phone. “This ought to go long way to proving to everyone that I have nothing to hide.”

The McCain campaign stated that a deal had been arranged with Hugh Hefner and Playboy, and it was rumored that it would bring the Republican Party over $20 million in advance for the presidential election. The campaign stated that depending upon the success of their new “American Values Campaign” Mrs. Palin may eschew further press encounters and abandon entirely the only scheduled vice presidential debate with her Democratic counterpart, Sen. Joe Biden.