Palin's Press Pass : Bristol's "Choice" : Fannie and Freddie Fail : Cheney's Rusty Saber : McCain…

John McCain : Trending UP
Sweet, you got Keith Olberman and Chris Matthews bounced.
GOP fights the war of ideas by getting people fired.
Unconfimed advice:
Freedom of the Press during a McCain administration- unlikely?

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac : Trending Down
Please tell me this major bank failure is a sign of strength.
Unconfirmed advice:
US tax payers- GRAB YOU ANKLES it’s time to get “Bailed Out”

Sarah Palin : Trending Down
Ready to face our nations enemies in the post 911 world.
But NOT ready to face the American Press? Huh?
Unconfimed advice:
Fox and Larry King will give you some softballs, watch out for Keith Olberman.

Bristol Palin : Trending Up
Lucky you- your mom said keeping the baby was your “decision”
but if elected she will insure you don’t have a “choice”
Unconfimed advice:
Tell your mom to back off.

Dick Cheney : Trending Up
Time for some tough talk on Russia
Sorry Dick, Putin knows you are powerless
Unconfirmed advice:
Start packing up your secure and undisclosed retirement is coming soon.