Paramount Dumps Blu-Ray and HD DVD Formats in Favor of Carved Stone Tablets

Paramount and DreamsWorks have rocked the movie industry by dumping both competing HD formats. In what is being called the gutsiest business move of the decade Paramount Pictures CTO Allen Bell announced that they would dump both formats in favor of the time test media of Caved Stone Tablets. Bell said that Paramount was canceling all disk production of Blu-Ray and HD DVD and that Carved Stone Tablet production had already started.

Right after announcing it’s adoption of the Carved Stone Tablet, or CST for short, Paramount announced a partnership with Samsung to manufacture the first CST player. The CST player is fully developed and apparently already in production. The first prototypes have been demonstrated to equipment retailers and some consumers.

“I don’t get it,” says Bell, “people are calling this move daring and ground breaking. It’s not that at all. Frankly we got tired of the format war and decided to take a fresh look at the whole format problem. After searching about for a durable, time tested, technologically simple solution CST came out on top. It wasn’t even close. With it’s long life I predict that CST was be the format of the ages.”

It’s hard to argue that CST won’t be durable and long lasting, but there are some issues Paramount and Samsung are going to have to address. Have they addressed making CST suitable for portable devices and tackling the dust issue that has hampered CST recorders of the past. Only time will tell if this new entry into the format wars will be a winning strategy for Paramount and Samsung.

“If CST was good enough for the Ten Commandments and the Rosetta Stone how could it not be good enough for The Transformers?” asks Bell.