Paris Hilton Agrees to Spend More to Save America

In a total act of selflessness aimed at helping America recover from its worst financial crisis in 90 years, Paris Hilton has agreed to spend more money on good and services than she ever has.

Ms Hilton said she has been unaffected by the economic downturn and she wants to spread her good fortune with as many American stores, restaurants and retail establishments as she can.

“Hang on America! I’m coming to the rescue!” Ms Hilton proclaimed with a smile.

After her pronouncement Ms Hilton and several members of her entourage were seen dining at Sona Restaurant in Beverly Hills, spending a whopping $1,213.00 on lunch alone. Later she was seen on Rodeo Drive making purchases that came to several thousand dollars.

Earlier this month Paris Hilton agreed to help the struggling auto industry by purchasing a new Limited Edition Boxster Porsche. Shortly after she hired a struggling security company to install new video equipment in her home.

“She’s truly compassionate”, said Malibu, CA bartender Ross Winkles. “She using her own money to try to save America. It brings tears to my eyes”.

Hilton said she plans to avoid large department stores such as WalMart and Target and only make purchases from little ‘mom and pop’ stores such as Georgette Klinger , Turnbull & Asser, Pierre Deux and Frederic Fekkai Salon & Spa.

“Too many celebrities are only thinking of themselves”, said US President Barack Obama. “We need more celebrities like Paris Hilton!”