Paris Hilton and Sarah Palin Hospitalized After Late Night Crash

(Los Angeles) Ucs news- Celebrity VP candidate Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and idle heirs Paris Hiltons late party nearly ended in tragedy. Los angles police have released a report detailing the high speed crash that nearly claimed both their lives.

According to LA Police, The 2008 Ferrari 599 GTB owned by Paris Hilton side swiped a parked car at 2:45am on Tuesday night. The Ferrari with Governor Plain at the wheel was traveling in excesses of 95 miles per hour when it spun out of control. The 673 bhp Ferrari suffered extensive damage but the carbon fiber safety cage preserved the lives of both Hilton and Palin.

Trama Docters of the cedar sinai hospital of Los Angeles confirmed that both Palin and Hilton were admitted with “significant, but not life threatening injuries.” While the extent of their injuries has not been released, Doctors did corroborate the Police report finding both Paris Hilton and Sarah Palin both had blood alcohol levels “well beyond intoxicated”

The McCain campaign would not comment of the reports of Palin’s injuries but did announce she schedule should be “under review”. Paris Hiltons press secretary Linda rhemes stated “Paris Hilton is resting comfortably but will be back to the party scene…once her hangover has cleared up.”